Are you ready for summer?

Hi, everyone!  Are you ready for summer break?  I sure am!  BUT…I still have reports do finish up!  Thank you so much for sending in your samples!

Summer Plans

What are your plans for summer?  Are you going on a trip?  Spending time at the beach?  Did you know that your activities over the summer can be used for your school records?  For example, in August, we plan to take a trip through the Kootenays, up to Calgary and then to Edmonton.  We will come home through the Rockies.  I am looking forward to this trip.  A lot of learning will be happening on this trip!  The kids will see how the land looks so much different than here in the Okanagan.  Maybe we’ll stop at the zoo in Calgary and learn about various animals there.  We plan to visit the mall in Edmonton – not so much for the shopping – but the waterpark!  I will certainly be using this trip to fulfill learning outcomes for my kids!  And we’ll have fun doing it!

Another idea is having the kids do STEM challenges over the summer.  My 2 youngest made an egg ‘bed’ yesterday.  They had to create a soft landing area for hard boiled eggs to land on.  They enjoyed this activity and it kept them busy for at least an hour!  If you are looking for STEM ideas, check Pinterest and/or Teachers Pay Teachers.  There is a wealth of ideas on both of those sites.  You can also check my Pinterest boards for ideas.

Change Is In The Air

I know many don’t like changes…and this coming year has a HUGE change for learning outcomes (for the better!!)…but I wanted to let you know of another change that is coming.  It is one that I am relieved about – it actually feels like a lot has been lifted off of my ‘shoulders’.  The change has to do with the part of my job that I like the least.  I will not be ordering resources for families anymore!  I even had a mini celebration yesterday when I finished my Visa reconciliation!  The school will hire an ordering department.  I don’t know all of the logistics of this yet, but I am sure the school will make the process as simple as possible.  I do know that I will need to sign off on the order digitally.

This change has absolutely nothing to do with the government (so please don’t begin thinking the government is out to get us homeschoolers:0).  This change has to do with us teachers being able to remain as contractors with the school instead of having to switch to employees.

So, if you need anything ordered, you will have to wait until September.  However, you are able to use your PO at any approved vendor over the summer.  You are encouraged to use your PO as much as possible.

If you have any questions about this change, I will try to answer them!  It shouldn’t really affect you too much – you just send your order or wish list to someone else instead of me;)

Planning For Next Year

Are you thinking about the next school year yet?  I am – sort of.  Actually, Sarah and I just picked her grade 10 courses for next year (SO happy that the provincial exams are being eliminated BTW!!!).  It feels weird that I won’t be her ‘main teacher’ next year…and that in 3 years she will graduate.  But let’s not talk about that too much, ok?  I’ll start crying.

Do you need help figuring out next year?  We can chat about that over the summer, if you want.  I think, for myself, I am going to take it all in bits and pieces.  I want to find more PBL activities and STEM challenges for my kids.  They don’t want to sit at their desks all day…and honestly, I don’t want them to, either.

Have You Lost Your Joy?

Homeschooling is not easy.  It is incredibly hard!  We get so caught up in lesson planning, curriculum choosing, extra activities, meeting outcomes…that we begin to lose our joy.  Yes?

Part of my job as your support teacher is to help restore that joy.  Last month, I wrote a blog post for my friend, Rosilind.  I can’t remember if I sent the link to you or not…but in any case, here is part one When You Need Joy In Your Homeschool.  Part two will be live on June 17th.  July’s post will be Top Bible Picks For Child Discipleship.

I do have a guest post that is live today.  4 Reasons To Challenge Our Kids With Spiritual Truths.  It is on Sarah Ann’s site, Faith Along The Way.  She has a cool Strong Family downloadable packet for subscribers that goes with her Strong Family series.

Website Ideas For Next Year

I am thinking about how to lay out my website next year…I am wondering about focusing on one subject area per month and making suggestions on a weekly basis.  What do you think?  Do you have any suggestions?  Leave a comment below!

That’s it for now!

In Grace,