Back To School!

Hi, everyone!  I trust that you had a restful and enjoyable summer.  As always, it goes by too fast.  But we do have a bit more time to enjoy the sun!

A few notes:

Laura Klassen and I are working on our WOW event for next month.  Details will be sent out when plans are finalized.

I am wanting to have a webinar near the beginning of September to show everyone how to create an SLP, chat about portfolios, communication…and answer questions.  I would be beneficial for all of you to attend, even if you have been with the school for a number of years.  Let me know what day/time would work best for you:

Tuesday, September 6 @ 10am

Tuesday, September 6 @ 1pm

Wednesday, September 7 @ 10am

Wednesday, September 7 @ 1pm

Thursday, September 8 @ 10am

Thursday, September 8 @ 1pm


Speaking of webinars…I am hosting a free parenting webinar tomorrow afternoon if you are interested.  Click here to register.  If you can’t make that time but you still want to watch the webinar, register anyway and you will get the replay link via email.

If you have any questions before September, feel free to zip me off an email.  I may not answer right away since I am still on summer hours;)

One last note – this is a prayer request for this momma’s heart – and sanity.  About a week and a half ago, I was at the mall with my son, Matt.  I had to get new pants for him – he is now taller than me!  I was chatting with a friend and Matt suddenly fainted.  There was no apparent reason for it like being out in the sun too much or not eating properly.  So, I booked a dr appt and had him checked out.  The dr said he was fine from all of his exams but then, as an afterthought, he printed off a blood work requisition for Matt.  We went to have his blood taken on Thursday, where he almost passed out again, which was strange for him.  The dr’s office called yesterday and said the dr wanted to see Matt and me again right away.  Naturally, this momma is worried.  I am hanging on to Deuteronomy 31:8 right now – I read it when I start to panic again.  Would you mind praying about this for me?  For peace for my heart.  That there isn’t anything wrong with my boy.  And whatever the news may be, that our family will rest in His peace.  I appreciate it so much!

I pray that you will have a restful remainder of the summer and that you all feel prepared for the new school year – if you don’t, drop me an email so we can chat about it!

In Grace,