Career Planning

Planning Packs by Multi Tasking Mom – what a fantastic idea!!  I linked up the January pack – it is 99cents USD – a bargain, I’d say!  I will be getting my pack – includes setting goals, prayer lists, thankful list, calendar and more.  There is one for every month.

Lists are GREAT for helping kids know what they are supposed to do.  I had made one years ago for my son and he does an amazing job cleaning the bathroom.  I just found this site that has a printable list for cleaning the kitchen – AND one for cleaning bedrooms!!

Here is a website that has some goal setting printables.


Grades 8 & 9

Here is a new website/blog for girls – I think it will be a great resource to use for Bible & Health and Career.  The Long Way To Go.

I have developed an assignment for grades 8 & 9 students on the topic of Technology.    It will help them to see how much time they are spending on technology and how it can negatively influence their lives if the time spent is excessive.