Getting Started

This page will help you to know exactly what I need from you throughout the school year.  Please record any dates on your calendar and refer to this page during ‘peak’ times of the year – SLP’s, Proof of Work and Portfolios.


Every fall we set up your child’s Student Learning Plan.  This plan is a set of goals we have put together for your child(ren).  We need an SLP for each subject.  SLP’s are due by the end of September.


Math, Science, Social Studies, LA, PE, Career Education, Arts Education and Bible.


Math, Science, Social Studies, LA, PE, Career Education, Arts Education and Bible.  Foreign Language is also added to this list.

Grade 9:

Math, Science, Social Studies, LA, PE, Career Education, Arts Education and Bible.  Foreign Language is optional but encouraged.

Applied Design, Skills and Technologies is a new section for all grades and can be met through any of the other subjects.

A note about the Fine Arts – for K-7, only one fine art needs to be learned.  However, you are welcome to teach your child more.  For grades 8 & 9, one specific fine art will be chosen.  For example, music or dance.  If you wish to have more than one fine art documented for your child, you will need to create an additional SLP for that course.

This is what I need for EACH SLP – EACH subject:

  • Personal goals for your child.  What would you like your child to accomplish this year?  Please have at least 3 goals for each subject.  These goals are in addition to the Ministry Outcomes.
  • A list of specific activities you plan to do with your child.  I give examples in my SLP templates, but these do need to be authentic to your family.  This list ought to be thorough and clear.  Please be as detailed here as possible.
  • A comprehensive list of resource you will be using for the year.
  • A timeline.  Is this course linear or semester?  How many days/week?  How long is each lesson?

Get the SLP templates here.

Weekly Contact

This is the area where many families struggle.  Please make a commitment to send me an email at least twice a month.  Schedule this into your calendar, make it a priority in your home school.  I find that when there is a lack in communication, things slip through the cracks.  For example, often I don’t realize there is a learning issue until late in the year, making it more difficult to deal with – or the family misses out on additional support and funding.  Or it isn’t until the last portfolio that I see serious gaps in work.

Regular communication with me is important.  When you enrolled with the school, you accepted this responsibility.

If Skype or Facetime works better for you, we can work out a time for that.


Proof Of Work

This is something that was implemented in 2015.  I will need 3 pieces of work DATED October of this school year.  I will need these documents at the end of October.  Please mark on your calendar for the month of October to get these samples in to me.



A 1st portfolio is due in November.

2nd portfolio due February/early March.

3rd portfolio is due May/early June.

Please mark you calendar for these months and plan to get your portfolios in to me.

To help you know what to include in your portfolio, I have created a checklist for you to use.  Please use it for each portfolio.  NOTE – if I do not have adequate samples, I will be marking accordingly.  This often makes me quite sad as I am sure the mark does not fully represent what your child knows.  But if I don’t have the samples, then I cannot give a good assessment.  I can only mark what I have been given.


Funding Deadline

Please mark this very important date on your calendar!  May 15 is the absolute LAST day for you to use your funding.  Every year, I have at least one person ‘surprised’ by this date.  Please, please, please mark it down so you will remember.


Thank you for helping me make this school year fantastic and go as smoothly as possible.