I am gathering some ideas to help fulfill the new BC Ed plan.  These are project-based learning ideas.  If you use these resources, it is likely that you won’t need to buy much else in the way of books and such.


Big Idea for Life Science:

Plants and animals have observable features. (Kindergarten)

Living things have features and behaviours that help them survive in their environment.  (Grade 1)

All living things have a life cycle. (Grade 2)

Living things are diverse, can be grouped, and interact in their ecosystems.  (Grade 3)

These projects will fit:

Project Based Plant Unit $4.95 USD

Montessori inspired botany project

Set up a plant shop – this can be taken even further by adding components such as mock catalogue, botany ‘classes’ offered, shop name, shop signage, shop ads (online, newspaper, radio, etc), shop brochure, etc.

Create a zoo with small plastic animals.  Ask questions such as:  What does a zoo need?  What animals will be included?  What would their enclosure require for survival?  What training do employees need to have?

Unit for animals.

Create your own animal.

Big Idea for Physical Science:

Humans interact with matter every day through familiar materials. (Kindergarten)

Matter is useful because of its properties.  (Grade 1)

Materials can be changed through physical and chemical processes. (Grade 2)

All matter is made of particles.  (Grade 3)

Projects that fit:

States of matter unit – I have this unit for you to use.  Just ask:)

Big Idea for Physical Science:

The motion of objects depends on their properties. (Kindergarten)

Light and sound can be produced and their properties can be changed. (Grade 1)

Forces influence the motion of an object. (Grade 2)

Thermal energy can be produced and transferred.  (Grade 3)

These projects will fit:

Simple machines projects.

Paper roller coasters.

Water drop racer.

Unit on light.

Exploring light with shadow puppetry – this can easily tie into LA and Bible!

3 Little Pigs STEM – LA is integrated here, too!

Inquiry based sound unit.  $8 USD

Thermal PBL

I have some force & motion material as well as magnets.  Ask me.

Big Idea for earth and space science:

Daily and seasonal changes affect all living things. (Kindergarten)

Observable patterns and cycles occur in the local sky and landscape. (Grade 1)

Water is essential to all living things, and it cycles through the environment. (Grade 2)

Wind, water, and ice change the shape of the land. (Grade 3)

Projects that will work:

Plant and cultivate a garden.

To observe the sky (grade 1) – here are some ideas.  And here for the moon

Space lander mission

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More science


Upper Grades

Big Idea for Life science:

All living things and their environment are interdependent. (Grade 4)

Multicellular organisms have organ systems that enable them to survive and interact within their environment. (Grade 5)

Multi-cellular organisms rely on internal systems to survive, reproduce, and interact with their environment. (Grade 6)  Grade 5 and 6 are very similar – you can combine these two easily and get both years covered.

The theory of evolution by natural selection provides an explanation for the diversity and survival of living things. (Grade 7)  Yes, I know that this topic may cause some of you to cringe…but this is a great opportunity to teach our kids the basics about this theory – and stress that it is JUST a theory and explain why we don’t believe this theory as Christians.  Many Christian science texts discuss the problems with evolution.  Grade 7 students may enjoy working on a project that helps to refute this theory.

Cells are a basic unit of life. (Grade 8)

Cells are derived from cells. (Grade 9)  Grade 8 and 9 are very similar – you can combine these two easily and get both years covered.

Bottle ecosystems

Build a mini ecosystem


Oil spill project

Another bottle ecosystem

**Ecosystems can be taught by visiting various nature reserves, trails, parks, etc.  Document the differences, what lives there – and why it is the best place for them, what can be destroying this ecosystem, etc.  Kids can create their own model ecosystems to show understanding – or another project idea they come up with!

Create an animal

Where do bacteria live?

PBL human body

Human body STEM

Cells interactive notebook

Cell membrane bubble lab

Project ideas for cells

Forensics involving DNA


Big Idea for Physical science:

Matter has mass, takes up space, and can change phase. (Grade 4)

Solutions are homogeneous mixtures. (Grade 5)

Everyday materials are often homogeneous solutions and heterogeneous mixtures. (Grade 6)

Elements consist of one type of atom, and compounds consist of atoms of different elements chemically combined. (Grade 7)

The kinetic molecular theory and the theory of the atom explain the behaviour of matter. (Grade 8)

The electron arrangement of atoms impacts their chemical nature. (Grade 9)